Are you stuck with an auto repair but simply can't afford it? Let's face it, auto repairs are expensive and usually happen unexpectedly. That's where we step in! Auto Repair Loans Canada provides fast funding with a flexible auto repair loan to help ease costly vehicle repairs and gets your vehicle back on the road in no time!

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    Auto Repair Loans and How They Work

    An Auto Repair Loans is a type of installment loan that provides the cash you need to help deal with your expensive car repairs. Upon approval of the loan, we will go ahead and pay the repair shop in full. Next, you will simply pay back the loan in affordable monthly payments until the loan has been paid off. Since your vehicle will be used to secure the loan, no credit check or requirements are needed.

    Benefits of Auto Repair Loan

    Auto Repairs are usually very costly and most people don't have the liquid cash available for repairs that may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you car breaks down and you need to get it back on the road ASAP, Auto Repair Loans Canada is your ideal solution.

    No Credit Checks

    Unlike traditional lenders, ARL Canada will provide a loan based on the value of your vehicle and not your past credit.

    Quick and Easy Process

    Apply with a fast and easy application online from the comfort of your home or mobile device. Stop worrying about your repair bills and apply today for instant approval!

    Convenient Payment Plans

    We offer affordable monthly payment plans suitable for all budgets with loan terms of up to 4 years. The best part is our loans are fully open loans - so you can pay off the loan in full at any time without worrying about any penalties or extra fees.

    Low Interest Rates

    ARL Canada is committed to getting you the funds you need to get your vehicle back on the road by providing competitive low interest rates that you deserve.

    At Auto Repairs Loans Canada, getting urgent Auto Repair Loans is faster and easier than ever!

    1. Request a quote
    2. Simply answer a few details about your vehicle and its needed repairs (If known) and be on your way to securing a car repair loan quote in just minutes. No obligation and No Credit Checks!

    3. Chat with us
    4. A Loan agent will be in contact to further discuss details about your loan.

    5. Complete the Loan Process
    6. Provide any necessary documents and finalize the rest of your loan application, it’s that easy!

    7. Repair Completed
    8. Cash will be provided directly to the mechanic and you could be on the road in no time.

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    Fast and Reliable Car Repair Loans for Canadian Residents

    We are not like your traditional bank loan; we don't consider your credit to approve you for an auto repair loan. We understand how important it is to have a reliable working vehicle, so don't wait and let major auto repairs slow you down!

    Whether it's to fix your brakes, tires or cover maintenance costs, etc, Auto Repair Loans Canada is here when you need us!

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