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October 19, 2020

What is a Car Diagnostic Test?
It is a test performed on a vehicle to reveal problems associated with its engine, transmission, exhaust system, oil tank, ignition, and other systems. The diagnostic device(specialized computer) is linked to your vehicle and in turn, will produce faulty codes if there are problems that exist. The test will direct the mechanic or technician to the area of your vehicle that needs attention.

Prior to having diagnostic testing, a mechanic or technician would have taken many, many hours trying to pinpoint the area of concern and repair/replace it. This obviously increased costs for both the client and the mechanic.

Thankfully with the constantly evolving technology, we have access to diagnostic testing. So next time your check engine light goes on or your car is making some weird noises, make sure to bring in your vehicle for inspection and have a diagnostic test performed.

Why Get a Car Diagnostic Test?
The most obvious reason is the time and money that can be saved by both driver and technician. Diagnostic testing is designed to identify issues before they become a major problem down the road.

Home Car Diagnostic Test readers
Obtaining a home car diagnostic test reader is easily available. However, drivers should be cautioned that these devices are often offered as a basic version and usually do not provide extensive information on the car issue in question.

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